The Original One Stop Shop for High-tech Starters!

SO Kwadraat was launched in 2005. Since then we have helped over 165 high-tech starter teams realize their great companies with international ambitions.

Why we do what we do
Successful entrepreneurs are keen to pass on their experience to a new generation. They know from personal experience how invaluable a mentor is when first starting out. They’re happy to share their real-life experience and expertise with you.

How it works
The SO Kwadraat entrepreneurs team can assist you in many different ways. We can help you determine a business concept, write a business plan, draw up a financial plan, help raising capital and create the necessary documents for the notary.
We believe that every technology company deserves to have a personal approach to enable a great start. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, many of whom are companies we helped in the past, we are able to offer all of these services for free.